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Evaluation – Drawing Course for Beginners July 2013
completed by students of the following class are provided below.

Class: DBWW-10
Course: Drawing Course for Beginners
Date: Sat 20 Jul 2013 10:00AM – Sun 21 Jul 2013 03:00PM
Tutor: John Wells
Enrollments: 15 (15 maximum)
Room: SCA Drawing Room
Site: Sydney College of the Arts
Address: Balmain Road , Rozelle NSW 2039

EVALUATIONS: Feedback has been provided by 8 of 15 enrolled students.


Ratings Count Percentage
Very Satisfied 6 75.0%
Satisfied 2 25.0%


Ratings Count Percentage
Very Satisfied 6 75.00%
Satisfied 2 25.0%


Ratings Count Percentage
Very Satisfied 3 37.5%
Satisfied 3 37.5%
Neutral 2 25.0%


John was a great tutor! Very supportive and enthusiastic. Hope to have him as a tutor another day!

I didn’t feel the course was beginners enough – possibly due to the fact that the other participants could really draw very well.

The venue felt a bit cold and eerie. Although there were instructions in the course confirmation, it was nonetheless very difficult to find my way into the campus/building/room on the first day. The tutor looked after us well and was available to assist throughout the sessions. It would have been good if some of the sessions were a bit longer, as we ran out of time on the drawing of buildings section and the portrait section. The tutor was kind enough to organise a live model – this was may favorite part of the course.

Very enjoyable . Designed to increase confidence in ones own ability, whether you have previous experience or not. Excellent teacher.
John was so positive and encouraging. A great introduction to drawing. Would be very comfortable doing another of his classes. A great weekend…lots of laughs.

Enjoyed this course thoroughly, and learned a great deal. I hadnt done any drawing since my schooldays but came away with confidence and a real sense of achievement. John is an excellent tutor – his explanations and demonstrations of techniques were clear, as well as entertaining; his comments were always very helpful and constructive.The lunches provided were excellent!

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