Corporate Art Workshops


A message for team leaders:

Inspire your team, send them on a voyage of self discovery through art

Inspire your team, send them on a voyage of self discovery through art as part of your company’s employee enrichment program.  Give them a chance to de-stress and discover a new way of looking at the world, an opportunity to see the world through self expression.


We’ll find a comfortable spot in the open air or indoors where your team can enjoy an inspiring moment-in-time, guided through drawing techniques and an introduction to brushing watercolours on paper. It will be an art experience with a good mix of explanation and activity where the participants are encouraged to engage with the art materials provided and express themselves.


  • Team Building
  • Re-vitalising your colleagues with a shared art experience as part of their employee enrichment program
  • An introduction to a way of seeing the world through focus
  • A seed sown from which ideas can grow
  • Generate creative and positive energy
  • Relaxation
  • Camaraderie

What are we offering

  • A workshop offering the opportunity for your team to learn a new skill or remember a forgotten one;
  • drawing shapes and still life;
  • drawing animals and birds;
  • drawing buildings and perspective;
  • drawing people and portraits;
  • basic shading techniques;
  • A demonstration of how to use watercolours;
  • A workshop outdoors (pleine aire) weather permitting;
  • A series of one hour sessions to inspire and encourage;
  • Quality materials supplied;
  • Effective learning via a well honed method of teaching;
  • Responsiveness of the tutor to participants feedback;
  • Acquire knowledge;


Lunchtime during the working week, week-ends or any time of your choosing.


A place of interest near your workplace or at your conference venue.


My name is John Wells and I have had the pleasure of presenting art workshops for corporate clients over the last few years.  The workshops provide an opportunity for the participants to de-stress and learn a new skill or remember a forgotten one. I like to teach in a relaxed manner giving the students time to find their own way with a little guidance and watercolour tuition.  My clients and students have found these workshops fit well into a corporation’s program for company conference week-ends and as part of your company’s employee enrichment program. The atmosphere I create aims to encourage camaraderie and team building between colleagues.

My extensive experience as a tutor gives me the ability to present workshops in a calm relaxed atmosphere with the focus on encouraging everyone to express themselves through art and to have fun.

A little about my background: I have a Masters degree in Fine Art from Reading University UK plus several art diplomas. Over the last ten years I’ve enjoyed sharing my knowledge via corporate art workshops, evening colleges, week-end art escapes, pleine aire classes and one-on-one tuition. At the beginning of my career I enjoyed seventeen years in the theatre, as Scene Painter and Property Master, at the Nottingham Playhouse. Over the years I’ve been commissioned to complete projects ranging from canvases to large scale murals (trompe l’oeil murals) including: the Wellington Tavern Mural at Waterloo, London; many swimming pool murals; the Fox Studio’s entrance gate to the Back Lot Tours; and the Heritage Mural at the Glass Factory site for Meriton Apartments. More …

Register your interest now

Register your interest by email with your name, company, email address and telephone number and I will follow-up with a call to have a chat.

Email me at: krisjo1[AT] Replace [AT] with @


“I really liked the classes especially since they taught me a skill I don’t really know, and the instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable. Quality was high, and content appropriate for my level of skill. The one hour duration also worked well – I only wish that the classes continued for a few
more weeks so I could really practice my sketching.” OPTUS employee

“I loved the format and how each element of drawing was introduced. I’ve never done a course before and tried to draw by sight and a lot of times, it just doesn’t work out right but I’m not able to pin point where I’ve gone wrong. With the tips provided, I’m more confident in proportions and angles of buildings.” OPTUS employee

“This was a really enjoyable on campus event which allowed me to try something new but totally stimulating yet calming. It was immensely enjoyable and I learnt quite a few things too.” OPTUS employee

“The lecturer was very informative and helpful and answered all questions in a simple manner which was really helpful to understand – he drew alot of answers too which was good.” OPTUS employee

“Overall, the introduction to drawing was as good as anyone could have expected given the limitations of time and expense. To improve the classes, I think they could have been extended in number or weeks. John was just great! He was able to quickly explain, he was an encourager and could offer suggestions to improve your work which is just what we hoped for.” OPTUS employee

“Perhaps there could have been some assignments and review of the student’s work the following week. In this way, more class time could be spent talking through techniques rather than producing the work.” OPTUS employee

“I would look forward to any extension of the program or if it lead to other creative arts.” OPTUS employee

“Presenter was excellent in demonstrating technique and not taking over – very well done. He encouraged participation and explanations were clear.”
Quote from a participant – A Week of Watercolour at Sydney University

“I was able to paint what I wanted at my own pace, which meant I could  experiment.
Quote from a participant – A Week of Watercolour at Sydney University

“As someone who had no experience with water colours, I came away with confidence in my ability to continue to improve in this medium. I certainly did achieve my purpose over and above my expectations.
Quote from a participant – A Week of Watercolour at Sydney University

“My enthusiasm for this type of art is greatly increased by the attention and assistance provided by John Wells and the encouragement of other students.Presenter used a variety of ways of teaching including group, individual instruction and demonstration.
Quote from a participant – A Week of Watercolour at Sydney University

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