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I’m a published author!

Yes it’s true. After several years of creation, The Merry Millionaire Duology is now available worldwide on AMAZON as a Kindle eBook. Why not try a sample. Samples are available at Amazon now. A guaranteed good read!

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“What an esteemed company of players!” Meet Count Laszlo Almasy.

Count Laszlo Almasy a character who appears in my novel ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ and interestingly has become the main player in an iconic novel and subsequently a popular movie.

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Freddy Farouk puts in an appearance.

Having had the briefest of encounters with Egyptian Royalty towards the end of my novel ‘The Merry Millionaire,’ by sheer coincidence, on Saturday 27th February, 1937, my principle characters, Ron and Mervyn, in the sequel, namely, ‘Pomp and Circumstance,’ happen to share their return voyage from Egypt on the ‘Viceroy of India’ with young King Farouk.

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Gillingham, Kent – Here goes! My first post

A post-card from the UK: There’s nothing like a new project to get your teeth into as I mention on my latest post on my JA Wells Author Blog: Hi everyone! Welcome to my first post on my new JA Wells Author blog, and my first ever on any blog as a matter of fact, except I’m given to understand that Facebook is one BIG blog, so if that’s the case I’ll be able to breeze around here like a dream. The last few days have been electrifying as my dear friend, co-proofer and mentor, Diane Challenor, and I have been brainstorming in order we get my JA Wells Author website and blog finally live. I’m in the UK at present on a flying visit to my family and since I’m staying at my mother’s house in Kent and consequently without Wifi, all correspondence between Di and myself, she in Sydney and me in the wilds of Kent, has been by text.

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