The Dreadnought Trilogy

About the books: Boy at the Mansard Window; Boy in the Box; A Place Called Scheyville

The sleepy Kentish village of Goudhurst has never seen the like, scandal and murder, involving the son of the Viscount suddenly prevailing.

September is hopping time in Kent and the Fuller boys are eagerly anticipating a holiday in the country, while their mother and aunty are paid to pick hops in order to put supper on the table.

Mystified by rumours of ghosts while motivated by a thirst for adventure, young George Fuller pays The Mansion a visit, only to glimpse a boy standing at an upstairs window. A boy he has been told is dead. Is he a ghost? Or is he real.
This tense murder mystery from the pen of J.A. Wells takes us back almost a decade to a time before ‘the war to end all wars’ decimates the face of the earth forever.

By delving into his extensive local knowledge, as well as a passion for accurate research and colourful characterisations J. A. Wells allows us a view into a world where country houses play host to covert gay liasons, all the while masquerading as formidable lunatic asylums. Bitter ambition and immorality steers a course through this taught tale of corruption and secrecy, endeavouring to harm any innocent that gets in its way. While the amoral nature of one man seems to enamour and bewitch everyone he encounters. Will truth and justice prevail? Trust time to tell.

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