A mystery set in Australia’s exciting and colourful past

About the books:
Thurlow, Mutt Mutt Billy, and Durra Durra

Set in regency England, and early colonial New South Wales, J.A.Wells, in his narrative, The Durra Durra Trilogy, delves into the lives of two men, inextricably linked by country, honour and loyalty. The first is wrongly accused of a crime and convicted; subsequently torn from the ordered life he once knew, and the ones he loves; only then to enter a world of torment, fear and degradation. The other, unaware of his true identity, having been taken from his rightful mother as a new born baby, sails to the far side of the world, there to become a charismatic man of substance, integrity and manliness.

J.A. Wells takes us on a journey following the exploits of James Baker Waldon, and Luke William Reddall, as they discover meaning in a land as unforgiving as the parched earth beneath their feet. He entices us with the romance of new found love, saddens the heart with sudden losses, thrills the senses with depictions of a river in full flood, and the disastrous results of its aftermath. All the while ambitions are tested, during eventful voyages spanning vast oceans to brave new worlds. Then he appals, yet intrigues us with his vivid descriptions of squalid prison life, both on land, and aboard convict ships, where friendships are made, and plots are hatched.

J.A.Wells’ characters stem from actual people from out of the past, thus he succeeds in putting flesh on their bones, at the same time breathing life into the hearts of souls long since departed.

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