Gillingham, Kent – Here goes! My first post

A postcard from the UK

There’s nothing like a new project to get your teeth into as I mention on my latest post on my JA Wells Author Blog:

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my first post on my new JA Wells Author blog, and my first ever on any blog as a matter of fact, except I’m given to understand that Facebook is one BIG blog, so if that’s the case I’ll be able to breeze around here like a dream.

A postcard from J.A. Wells - Gillingham Kent UK

The last few days have been electrifying as my dear friend, co-proofer and mentor, Diane Challenor, and I have been brainstorming in order we get my JA Wells Author website and blog finally live. I’m in the UK at present on a flying visit to my family and since I’m staying at my mother’s house in Kent and consequently without Wifi, all correspondence between Di and myself, she in Sydney and me in the wilds of Kent, has been by text.

This, however, has never succeeded in preventing us communicating in our usual positive way, and has resulted in some pretty nifty book descriptions of my four forthcoming novels, The Merry Millionaire and it’s sequel, Pomp and Circumstance, plus Dora Dora part one and two.

May I take this opportunity to sincerely thank Diane for believing in me from the outset and for all the tremendous work regarding the fabulous cover designs and websites she’s created, along with the hours of proof reading and correction sessions she and I have undertaken. Every moment’s been a joy and for that I thank you Di, wholeheartedly.

Now another exciting door is due to open, as we prepare to publish The Merry Millionaire on Amazon, as yet an untried territory for both of us, although, needless to say, I have every confidence we will face the challenge bravely.

Allan Cunningham 1791-1839

Pen and Ink Drawing by Phillip Parker King
National Library of Australia Collection
Ref: nla.pic-an9353072

I’m also excited to reveal that, while in the UK, I’ve begun a Biofiction treatment based on Diane’s extensive research program, The Allan Cunningham Project, which I’ve working titled, The Botanist.

Next weekend I return to Australia, refreshed and rearing to get back in the saddle, two swimming pool murals to begin and complete, along with a fresh term of students to teach painting and drawing at The Northern Beaches Community College. In addition, I am looking forward to conducting weekend workshops in watercolour, drawing and Family History for Continuing Education at the University of Sydney for the remainder of the year. Nonetheless, my principle aim is to see my novel The Merry Millionaire make the stands, as the saying goes; so watch this space, JA Wells is about to take to the stage.

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