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The King’s Botanist by J.A.Wells

Here’s chapter one of my new novel, ‘The King’s Botanist’ inspired by my friendship with Diane Challenor, who, over the last seven years has compiled a hugely extensive  study of Allan Cunningham, the Royal Botanist to the colony of New South Wales. His fascinating, exciting story needs to be told,

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Just a little teaser of a work in progress

Foreword: “But what’s it mean, Di? Where’s the contrast?” said John, leaning over my shoulder in his usual manner, “It just needs a darker green tone in the foliage, and the stone ledges need another shadow within the shadows. Use the burnt umber and the ultramarine blue to make the grey, and then the whole painting will come together nicely.” It was Thursday again, and this time the venue was Sydney’s Botanic Gardens. To be honest I have never been much of a horticulturalist, having been surrounded all my working life by either the security glass of a teller desk, or the sterile environment of internet technology offices, the only semblance of nature being the addition of my friend ………….. ‘s Spider Plant, or Chlorophytum comosum, as I am now aware of its Latin name.

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Gillingham, Kent – Here goes! My first post

A post-card from the UK: There’s nothing like a new project to get your teeth into as I mention on my latest post on my JA Wells Author Blog: Hi everyone! Welcome to my first post on my new JA Wells Author blog, and my first ever on any blog as a matter of fact, except I’m given to understand that Facebook is one BIG blog, so if that’s the case I’ll be able to breeze around here like a dream. The last few days have been electrifying as my dear friend, co-proofer and mentor, Diane Challenor, and I have been brainstorming in order we get my JA Wells Author website and blog finally live. I’m in the UK at present on a flying visit to my family and since I’m staying at my mother’s house in Kent and consequently without Wifi, all correspondence between Di and myself, she in Sydney and me in the wilds of Kent, has been by text.

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