J.A. Wells - Author

The idea of a Renaissance man may be regarded as old fashioned these days, and rather a cliché. However, the phrase can be forgiven when applied to J.A.Wells. After a twenty-year career as a professional actor on the British stage, then a further twenty years as an artist, J.A.Wells has added storyteller to his list of talents.

Since capturing the world of decadence, laughter and gaiety of the Jazz Age, in his debut novels The Merry Millionaire, and its sequel Pomp and Circumstance, in his latest narrative, The Durra Durra Trilogy, J.A.Wells transports us through a sweeping, panoramic saga, to the far side of the world, to the time of Australia’s pioneering past. Once again he combines his gift for characterisation, a sense of period, together with inspired visual imagery, to breathe life into characters hitherto lost to history books.

Meanwhile, J.A.Wells, leaves no stone unturned, and is currently immersed in his next narrative, The Dreadnought Trilogy, that delves into yet another aspect of Australia’s exciting and colourful past, but this time, at the beginning of the twentieth century.